Addling your senses the fun way

Forget all that silliness about romantic low lighting with your cocktails. Just slap on a blindfold and some headphones for sensory deprivation and misdirection and live!

That's what is going on at the Zeta Bar in the Hilton Hotel in Sydney, Australia, where they do that to you as well as squirt scented mist in your face. And, you get to pay for the experience.

Music, special sensory gimmicks such as a heat lamp, a 35-cocktail menu and the thrill of it all are going for about $30US a pop.

The Hilton Sydney, incidentally, is the largest convention space in the nation.

Get the lowdown here.
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JetBlue at JFK catering to foodies

JetBlue will open its new $743 million terminal and home base at Johhn F. Kennedy International Airport in Jamaica, NY, on October 1. When it does, there will be more to see than merely glitzy new reservation desks, waiting lounges and a 20-lane security area that will be the largest screening sector in North America.

There also will be JetBlue's Food Court.

The gazillion-dollar section is divided into several dining and drinking areas. Here's a piece of a photo of the one called Deep Blue.

Since that's just part of a set of renderings made available exclusively to New York magazine by the design firm ICRAVE, we'll have to be content with pointing you here to see the whole collection of pix.
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