An unkind cut for Ramsay USA

NEW YORK -- Brit celebri-chef Gordon Ramsay may be the darling of TV producers in his homeland and in the U.S., but his New York City restaurant debut wasn't greeted with glowing words by at least one reviewer.

New York magazine restaurant critic Adam Platt says the NYC unveiling of "Hell's Kitchen" star Ramsay "falls well short of heavenly."

With other American outposts on the drawing boards in Boca Raton, FL, and Los Angeles, that is not good press despite Ramsay's reputation for quality at his nine UK restaurants, including his eponymous one in London that is the only restaurant in England with a three-star Micheln rating.

Of course, that's merely one critic's opinion. Here's another, from a fellow Brit who knows Ramsay's work on the homefront.

If you're planning to be in NYC and want to try Gordon Ramsay's, it's located in The London, a midtown Manhattan hotel at 151 West 54th St.

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