Grape expectations

Sometimes it's difficult wrapping your mind around a large business operation.

In this instance, try to imagine what a grape-growing operation like Borden Ranch Vineyards in Lodi, CA, is like since it is able to grow enough grapes to supply winemaking giants such as Mondavi and Gallo as well as numerous smaller wineries in the region. These days, vineyard manager Gary Patterson oversees 1,400 acres of vineyards for owner Francisco Ayala after years with Gallo Sonoma.

The Borden Ranch appellation, located in east central Lodi, has 12,000 acres under vine. This AVA is the most topographically diverse of any Lodi appellation with a low of 73 feet in the west and a high of 520 feet near the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Merely hearing someone try to describe the rolling hills covered with grape vines of all sorts as far as the eye can see isn't good enough. Instead, you can just take a look at this video showing a piece of Patterson's domain:

William M. Dowd video


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