Burger deluxe coming to the Big Apple

If you can make 'em there, you can make 'em anywhere. High-end burgers, that is. The newsgatherers at New York mag report that a "good-natured Swiss restaurateur" named Dr. Wolf Wagschal is working up a plan for a hamburger eatery.

Not just any burger joint, mind you. Quote he to the mag, "It won’t be like you have here, with your bacon cheeseburgers and so on. We will have a cordon bleu burger, a vitello tonnato burger, a mushroom-and-Brie burger, and so on. And it won’t be like the DB burger either; it will be totally dedicated.”

He plans to open such a white-linen place in Switzerland and then in the Big Apple.

After working as a waiter, barman and chef and getting his education at Harvard and Cornell here and the Ecole Hotelier de Lausanne in Switzerland, he now specializes in re-launches and launches of restaurants.

Wagschal, incidentally, calls himself a Swiss Canadian -- which, come to think of it, sounds like a good burger possibility.

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