New Massachusetts distillery producing

Massachusetts' "other cape" now has its own micro-distillery.

Ryan & Wood Distillers, located in Gloucester on Cape Ann north of Boston, is billing itself as “the North Shore’s first small-batch micro-distillery of premium and handcrafted spirits.”

Gloucester native Bob Ryan, 53, who has worked in the family fish processing business, and his nephew and partner David Wood, 37, a real estate attorney in nearby Manchester-by-the-Sea, have turned out their first batch of vodka and plan to add rum to their line.

The production centerpiece is a 600-liter Arnold Holstein still custom-made in Germany. The company is using three different grains as the basis for its vodka, which will be called Beauport Vodka. Beauport was one of the early names for the Gloucester area.

Beauport is expected to be on local store shelves in the next few weeks. Next up is Folly Cove Rum, targeted for next summer.

In an interview with the Gloucester Daily Times, Ryan said the idea came when he read an article on micro-distilleries.

“I was looking for a business you don’t find on every street corner," Ryan said, and Dave had worked for me before and I knew I could depend on him. Soon my wife, Kathy, was on board and we went online and began looking for equipment and providers.”

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