National Beer Museum opens

If you're interested in learning all about the beer industry in the U.S., what better place to visit than the National Brewery Museum?

Of course, you'll have to get directions to little Potosi, WI, to do that. (Hint: Click here.) That's where the museum recently opened, in the setting of the Potosi Brewing Co. building that operated from 1852 to 1972.

The museum is a joint venture of the Potosi Brewery Foundation and the American Breweriana Association. Among its content are collections of beer bottles and cans, advertising materials, glasses, trays and other memorabilia.

The restoration project began in 1995 when Gary David bought the ruined buildings that cover nearly a square block. Restoration cost $7 million and was handled through the two organizations, donations and grants.

The facility also houses the Great River Road Interpretive Center and the Potosi Brewing Co. Transportation Museum. And, beer again is being brewed in the facility for five labels: Good Old Potosi, Potosi Pure Malt Cave Ale, Snake Hollow IPA, Holiday Bock and Potosi Steamer Hefe Weiss. The company also brews root beer.
Potosi Brewing Co. Transportation Museum
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