Impending Irish taxi strike no joke

April 1 usually is a day for good-natured jokes. In Ireland this year, that will not be the case.

If you're in the country on that day and need a taxi cab, good luck. Taxi drivers are planning a national strike.

Members of the Taxi Drivers for Change group announced the planned strike after their demonstration over the deregulation of licensing failed to make much impact on traffic in Dublin. An emergency taxi service for the elderly and for medical patients would be maintained.

Frank Moore of the Irish Taxi Drivers Federation said he would urge his colleagues to join the protest, but a decision would not be made until his union's meeting next Tuesday.

According to The Independent, the national strike was announced after a delegation of taximen emerged from a meeting with Taxi Regulator Kathleen Doyle and told colleagues she would not commit to limit licensing.

Jim Waldron, of Taxi Drivers for Change, pledged to step up the campaign at Dublin Airport and other locations, the newspaper reported.

"The only fool around here is Transport Minister Noel Dempsey and we're not going to be made fools of on April Fool's Day," he said.
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